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QOMO Pizarras Interactivas


Education has become a greater challenge through time due to all the distractions that catch our students attention, interests, and time. Day by day, schools compete with innovations and interesting discoveries which attract students and embellish classrooms, but no matter how creative educators are or how many activities and games they have prepared for the class if they only use traditional tools such as chalkboard or whiteboard, posters, pencils, books, and notebooks. Lessons will still be conventional and common. There is nothing compared to the fascinating technological world.

When we talk about education, technology is definitely a very powerful tool, difficult to outweigh or avoid, but the good news is that instead of seeking new ways to fight technology, we can include this wonderful resource in our classrooms and improve our lessons.

This is the reason why Nueva Esperanza decided to introduce technology in the classrooms in 2010. They were equipped with smart boards Qomo, which are tactile boards that have become a turning point in the teaching-learning process; providing a variety of color, sound, and movement to the lessons and preparing students to college and much more.

Our students have received this technology with open eyes and arms, showing their satisfaction, expectations and desire to learn. Educators, on the other hand, experienced mixed feelings of happiness and enthusiasm along with nervousness and uncertainty of the unknown. With these feelings, they faced the challenge and started working hard in order to adapt to change and take advantage of the novelty of having interactive boards installed in their classrooms. Results were successful and we can say that a New Era in education started in Nueva Esperanza.

Now we have a new challenge with technology as it evolves so fast. Our students are working with technological devices such as tablets or laptops in the classrooms. Many or our books are digital.


Interactive Lessons

ll the teachers agree with the fact that their lessons improved with the use of smart boards Qomo and now with digital devices in the classrooms. There is more time to practice, they can use many resources online, and subject matter can be summarized and prepared in advance.   
Some of the activities and resources that can be used with these smart boards are videos, powerpoint presentations, interactive games, running software from the books, songs, online resources, karaoke, and more. Classes have become non traditional, innovative, interesting, stimulating, and attractive for students.

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