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Welcome to preschool in which we have a population of approximately 170 students. Preschool education is the basis on which the rest of formal education is built. Here is where the foundations for tomorrow’s men and women will be formed and this is the moment when values needed for the rest of their lives will be strengthened.

 Academics is very important but we also reinforce important values such as responsibility, friendship, tolerance, honesty, and social skills necessary for the comprehensive development of a human being. All staff who work in this level love what we do and are committed to our children security and education.


Pre-Kinder / Kinder: M –Th  from  7:20 to 12:00 / Friday 7:20-12:35

Preparatory: M-Th  7:20-2:20 / Friday 7:20- 12:35



We offer an education focused in our students and their needs taking into account the multiple intelligences development theory. The main emphasis is in English learning and the use of technology to accomplish the objectives proposed in the study plans. Besides  this, in this level children start the literacy process with the students reading at the preparatory level as the main goal. In math we stimulate the logical-mathematical thinking.


Classrooms in preschool have an infrastructure appropriate for our students age. Each room has a toilet, faucet, and microwave oven.  Also our furniture is adequate for working with preschool children and also for keeping children’s belongings organized. All classrooms have smart boards, which are daily used for our students learning process.

Meet Our Staff

Our teaching staff in preschool is specialized in bilingual preschool learning and with a wide experience in the field.


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