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Obtaining the 5-Star Blue Flag



Obtaining the 5-Star Blue Flag


In seeking to establish the values implicit in the Vision of our institution, which begins with the following phrase: “Nueva Esperanza is a modern, innovative educational institution that develops multiculturalism for its diversity of languages, with broad ecological awareness…”, 4 years ago it was decided to enter the program Ecological Blue Flag (Bandera Azul Ecológica- PBAE) from MEP, convinced that, with it, the educational work with environmental issues could be effectively instrumentalized and could also involve students, teachers, parents, and the community in an improvement process, seeking an award as the organization PBAE says in its postulates: “promote healthy competition and community organization for the benefit of present and future generations”.

We have been incorporating a series of work programs  to meet the required parameters for PBAE MEP Commission, submitting to the monitoring of the actions undertaken by sending annual reports where it has been our commitment to community work, conservation and protection of natural resources through environmental education projects and its incorporation to the educational plan with community projection such as  planting  trees in water sources and donating recyclables for charity.  This will be accompanied by the administrative management for saving water and energy in our school, so we can effectively reduce Carbon Footprint.

This effort have taken us to obtain the Ecological Blue Flag (Bandera Azul Ecológica- PBAE) award from MEP with the 5-Star Blue Flag. This award means that we got 100% of the points and it is granted every year to gratify the effort when implementing concrete actions in order to face climate change and internalizing respect and environmental protection especially from our students and our teaching and administrative staff in general.

Professor Carmen Julia Delgado Campos and the student group called Environment Guardians (Guardianes del Ambiente) deserve a special acknowledgement for their lead in this process with which we feel proud today. We made a recognition for their dedication and hard work in a special act where the Blue Flag was risen.
It should be reminded that as a living process, organizations can lose their award if the requirements are not accomplished the following year. For this reason we will continue working hard trying to maintain and reinforce this project and promoting new ones.

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